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تطبيق Dose Medbox

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Smart pill reminder that ONLY remind you when you are close to your medications NEVER FORGET YOUR PILLS AGAIN Do you forget to take medication While being busy with our تحميل تطبيق Dose Medbox في طب Medical الصحة ولياقة.

Smart pill reminder that ONLY remind you when you are close to your medications.

Do you forget to take medication? While being busy with our day-to-day work activities, you might forget to take your prescribed pills. Have you ever set alarms to remind you to take medication and are looking for a better medication tracker app to remind you to take your pills?
Never Forget your Pills again with the Dose Medbox - the Smart Pill Reminder app.
The app is like a health assistant app that reminds you to take your pills on time. You can have flexible times to take your meds, for example, every second day. The app keeps reminding you, with alarms, until you take your medication. This is much better than a regular alarm that you set to take your medicines on time. It’s a smart medication reminder alarm app and much more.

Dose Medbox app genuinely cares about your health.
Gives you notifications when you truly need them,
integrates with the Dose Medbox™ device to confirm when you take the medication
Reminds you if you leave your medication behind.

PLAN: In the Dose app, you can plan the dosage of your meds at different times. Meds or Pills can also have flexible day intervals, for example, every second day.

REMIND: Give a notification and a sound from your phone when it’s time to take your medication. If you have your pills close at hand (in a Dose Medbox™ or a Place you added), the phone will continue to give you reminders until you confirm that you have taken your pills. If you are not Nearby your pills, you will get one notification until you are close to it again.

CONFIRM: Declare that you have taken medication in the app. You can also do it by pressing the red button in your Dose Medbox™ device.

BRING: Have you ever forgotten your medicines behind? Your phone will remind you to bring your Dose Medbox™. You can choose to keep Dose Medbox™ “Close” (within 5 meters) or “Nearby” (within 100 meters). The app will then remind you to bring your Dose Medbox™ with you when you step outside that radius.

The Medicine Reminder & Tracker app works on its own, but the best experience is when you use it in combination with our Dose Medbox™ device.
Dose Medbox™ is a Bluetooth-enabled smart medication box to store your pills. You can Confirm that you’ve taken the medication without even opening the app. It also reminds you if you forget to Bring your medication.

Our mission is to improve your health, and we do that by ensuring you never forget to take your medicines. If you’ve liked any feature of this medicine tracker & reminder app, please rate us on the app store and share it among your friends. If you have any feedback for us, feel free to use the feedback button in the app, or just send us an email.

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system_update تحميل IPA مباشر devices الأجهزة المتوافقة

ماهو الجديد في الإصدار 1.23.0؟

- You can now set an end date for your medication prescription, so you'll be reminded to renew it on time.
- Added a video explanation for the "Running out" function.
- Now you can go to your preferred website when you press the "Buy" button by setting it up in the "More" tab.
- You can now see your Dose Device's last location on a map.
- Now you will receive an app termination warning. The app needs to be run in the background to plan your notifications correctly.
- Fixed some bugs that occurred when changing time zones.
- Fixed an app crash when accepting share or follow medication invites.

Enjoy and don't forget to let us know what you think via the feedback button.