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open_in_new Bimpe Oguntola
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iOS 14.1+ iphone, ipod
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Inspiration assistance and growth Composers are able to post their own composition sheet music and audio along with its details to the app to be seen by other viewers تحميل تطبيق NoteBox App في موسيقى Music الشبكات التواصل الاجتماعي.

Inspiration, assistance, and growth!

- Composers are able to post their own composition (sheet music and audio) along with its details to the app to be seen by other viewers.
- Instrumentalists can record these composers' works to showcase their own playing while allowing a budding composer to receive a concrete recording.
- Every month, one compelling performance by a composer and one by an instrumentalist will be showcased on its very own page, a wonderful way to be commended and showcased for your hard work!
- Save works that you enjoy! No numbers (followers, likes, etc.), only art!
- Post your musical ideas or questions on the forum! (Interesting chord progressions, writer's block, fun melodies, improvisations, music theory questions, techniches, career questions, etc.)
- Set up your profile to allow other users to communicate or know more about you; this could possibly lead to exciting collaborative opportunities!

This app is a bridge. Specifically, a bridge between the composer and the performer. One common issue is that people write music, but there’s no one there to play it for them or discover it. Performers can go onto this application and record themselves playing others’ pieces, which will not only introduce the instrumentalist(s) to newer music, but allow composers to actually have a recording, and grow the brand of the instrumentalist(s).

Created under EAO Muse LLC (Founder and CEO: Ebunoluwa Oguntola)

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