لعبة Flight 737 - Maximum
لعبة Flight 737 - Maximum

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Flight 737 MAXIMUM Most realistic simulation on B737 only Total 50 Countries and 50 Separate Airports Autopilot feature with detailed controls CoPilot Necessary warnings تحميل لعبة Flight 737 Maximum في ألعاب Games الألعاب محاكاة.

Flight 737 - MAXIMUM
*Most realistic simulation on B737 only
*Total 50 Countries and 50 Separate Airports
*Autopilot feature with detailed controls
*Co-Pilot; Necessary warnings and interventions
* Changing flight plan and check list specific to each flight
* FMC, Fuel data, ICAO, Leg Vectors, Flight number.
* Cockpit lighting settings
*Radio frequency and radio usage, communication with tower, ground services and flight crew
*Fuel Filling, De-Icing, Pushback operations
*Passenger and Cargo transportation
* Cabin pressure and IRS specifications
* Realistic navigation system
* Real in-flight audio and visual alerts
* Realistic flight physics
* Realistic preparation, taxi, take off, cruise and landing scenario
* You set the flight time yourself
* Air during flight; Set yourself as Snow, Wind, Rain or Fine weather
* Landing from the airport you want to the airport you want
* Realistic explosion and accident scenarios
* Active air traffic
*Post-landing procedures and the task of parking the plane correctly.
*Designing your own airplane painting and using it in the game

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ماهو الجديد في الإصدار 1.7؟

* Added 10 New Airports (Total of 50 airports)
* Added autopilot with detailed controls
* Added Cockpit Tail and Wheel camera
* Updated Flight Video lessons
* The number of routes during the flight has been increased
* Now you can fly your plane with Clean or Dirty skin.