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تطبيق Strata Lite

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iOS 8.1+ iphone, ipod
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Strata Lite Remote for BlackMagic Design ATEM Switchers including ATEM Television Studio ATEM 1ME ATEM 2ME Production Studio 4K and 1ME 2ME Production Studio 4K تحميل تطبيق Strata Lite في صور وفيديو Photo Video ال.

Strata Lite Remote for BlackMagic Design ATEM Switchers, including ATEM Television Studio, ATEM 1M/E, ATEM 2M/E, Production Studio 4K and 1M/E / 2M/E Production Studio 4K, TelevisionStudio HD and ATEM Mini Series.

Strata connects directly to your ATEM switcher via Wifi and your switcher's network connection. It does not require a separate computer.

The Lite version includes basic control of Program and Preview buttons on ATEM Switchers (on iPhone controls Program bus only).

FEATURES (iPad version):
* Control Program and Preview Busses
* Cut and Auto Transition Control
* TBar Control
* Remapping of Source Button Layout
* Connection Indicator with auto-reconnect

Note that the iPhone version does not control preview or Auto, only cuts on the program bus.

NOTE: It does not provide control of the second ME in ATEM 2M/E switchers, although it does control Program and Preview on the first ME of an ATEM 2M/E. This app is not designed for older ATEM Switchers not manufactured by BlackMagic Design. Strata requires iOS 8.1 or later and ATEM firmware version 3.4, thru 8.3 Firmware.

NOTE: If you require more complete control of your ATEM switcher, including ME2 of the 2M/E, you should select Strata Pro from the App Store instead of Strata Lite. (Strata Pro provides control of ALL the main buttons on ATEM Switchers plus Midi Control and Macros).

IMPORTANT: The control protocol uses UDP and is fairly intolerant to packet loss and network latency. It is very important to have a reliable, responsive WIFI network for Strata to work reliably. Wifi router performance varies between vendors, and best results have been shown with Apple Airport wifi routers. Some 3rd party routers have shown to be unreliable due to latency or UDP packet loss. Version 1.35 of Strata will handle poor connections much more eleganty. See link الرابط من هنا for more details on optimising your Wifi environment for Strata.

Independent Review of this app at: link الرابط من هنا

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